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Yes my 01 mustang is only a v6 but hey im young but luv power and speed. And i no any v8 lover would say other wise about a v6 power to a v8. But to me it dont matter the size of ur engine but the passion and work u put into a car to make it as powerful as u want. Cuz no matter wat u have as long as u dedicate urself to it and do work theres no shame. Any true car lover cant argue with that and ya ive tried doing everything that i can slowly to my car since ive got it. I no im barely starting out but so far +220hp aint to bad for now until i start cranking over 550hp+ later on which is my dream that i will get to one day. So i guess ill keep updating my car and ill keep updating my hp as it will keep skyrocketing! Any advise to help would be nice so let me no and ill appreciate it thanks.


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