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Mustang GT 5.0
Have owned my mustang since i was 15 for my first car. Car is parked at this time. I will be working with it to get exactly how i want it. Cant wait to see and cant wait to show you. So far all the mods that have been done are bolt-on. Car has been recently resprayed and looking into new look soon. Mustang has been through 2 wrecks completely not my fault, they were two old people that did not see my car PARKED! I am i great driver, i guess you would call me controlled caos when driving. I love driving on the edge and was going to make my car a complete track car for road races, but that is a little our of my price range to just have some fun on weekends.

" It's not the tires screaming,
It's the asphalt."


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