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Mustang Cobra
I had a 1994 Grand Prix GTP that i had rebuilt, and it had been lying around for about a year. I couldnt get the $3000 i wanted for it, so i put it up for trade on craigslist. Then a guy by the name of Dan had changed my world. We traded fair and square, and what i got was a dream come true.

This was the last production year of this model cobra. I own one of 77,399 ever made. It comes with the optional Cobra pin striping, hood decal, cowl induction hood, and the traction-lok rear axle.

It has a transplanted 1971 V8 that has been rebuilt. Bored 30" over, high rise camshaft, Resulting in a It puts power to the wheels and will even occasionally do some roasting if i command it to.

The driveshaft has been swapped, and an after market fat belly beast aluminum driveshaft was put in, allowing more direct torque to the wheels without worry of a snapping the shaft. The traction-lok rear axle was only available on the 1981, and this helped reduce the wheel skip or wheel hop that could result in catastrophic damage if gotten out of control.

Since its got a transplanted motor, there is a distributor chip in the ignition. This wheel hop can cause "skipping" in the distributor and rotor, and burn out this chip. It costs about $195 and i really dont care to go and buy one.

Its got after market headers that run down to straight pipes 2.5in to the rear. Turbo flow mufflers with 1.75in tail pipes. You can literally hear me from a mile away, even when i barely touch the gas.

Its my dream car, its my muscle car, its my baby.



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