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Showcase cover image for AZGTConv's 2000 Ford Mustang GT Conv

General Information

Ford Mustang
GT Conv
4.6L V8
Just bought it from a repo sale, so I haven't been through it yet to figure out everything that has been modded on it, if anything besides all the wires that run no where; probably from the sound system they used to have in the trunk. Found an amp under the passenger seat that made it impossible to position the seat forward or back, until I removed it and realized the installer had used electrical wires from a lamp to install it.

Looking for a new body kit to replace the parts that are screwed in with wood screws, or may just fix the installation of the current body parts if possible.

The rims in the picture are what was on it when I bought it...when I went to get new tires I found out all but 1 were cracked in several places; now it has new 20 inch rims on it.

The frame was intentionally tweaked, (apparently to give it better handling, how that works I haven't figure out yet), so until I get it straightened I'll end up putting new tires on it frequently.

Will update with newer photos quickly.



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