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Mustang 40th Anniversary Edition
My Mustang is my pride and joy, I have owned my Mustang since July of 2008 and three months after I got it, I deployed to Iraq and been there ever since, But in a nutshell, My wife wrecked it in December in that wicked Snow storm that hit the states, so I have some body work to do to it but no mechanical damage (+1) so thats good, i got an estimate from my uncle to fix it and he says $550, the car was totaled to $4K so i guess im in pretty good shape. I got a name for my car and that is "thumper" because it is Competition Orange and reminds me of a Carrot that thumper would gnaw on. Well to the mods...I have a MAC CAI and 4:10 gears (Auto) and (working) on two Flowmaster 40's True Dual Exhaust and a good Tune. And eventually if the right situation falls into my lap I want to put Twin Turbos on it but that might be awhile. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. PS. Like i said, im deployed so the only pictures i have are of the wreck so bear with me until i get home to get some new ones up.




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