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General Information

This is my baby, 2009 V6 mustang. I saved up my money at work while I was driving a 1997 Chrysler Cirrus with 195K+ miles on it. I saved up enough for a down payment and started to look around when my mother drove past a lot and saw this car.
She pulled around and called me to take a look, as I was getting over the bridge my car started to make some strange noises and as I pulled into the lot my car wouldn't move gears and as I stepped on the gas nothing would happen. The car pretty much died on the dealer lot.
I drove the mustang and the guy told me to step on it a bit, and as much as it may be a V6 it is a fun car and a hell of an upgrade for me. Haven't regretted buying it yet though I won't lie and say my next car won't be a V8.



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