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mustang gt
Purchased my stang for 7k with 73k miles with unknown aftermarket x-pipes and stock manifold. Put the car on the lift. no markings for the x-pipes, besides there off-road and that the cat backs are flowmaster and needs replaced. Fixed the horrible tinging sound coming from the pipe. It was a stupid O2 sencore that had vibrated almost completely out. I know for the next mod I do I'm planning on getting a set of SLP long tube ceramic headers, there short mid x-pipes and the loudmouth 2 cat back setup. Thought about getting a set of twisted edge heads and voodoo cams from lunati. Any advice or tips is more than sugested. Oh the gears are 327's and thought about putting in 373's. my goal is to hit 325+ rwhp. before i do a stroker kit.



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