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General Information

With an estimated 400+ horsepower at the front wheels (at the time of this site being posted), the engine is currently in as Integrity Automotive and Racing is closing their doors for the last time. I don't know if it's "The Bush Bail Out" or what but none the less, it "Just Sucks" as they have an awesome buck of employee's working their. After a little break-in I'll take it down to guy who got me the software for my SCT Programmer (Rob at Forced Induction Tuning & Fabrication) and have him finish the tune on his chassis dyno in Phoenix, Arizona. Afterwards I'll not only post the real numbers but also a copy of the dyno runs to show the exact numbers with the factory stock 2003 Cobra pulley on it. From there, I'll shoot for a pulley that'll give me right at 10 PSI of boost. Also to help prevent pre-ignition/detonation a Snow Performance Water/Alcohol injection kit has been added.

As a bachelor, I have it made. How many women would be willing to let their husband keep an engine in the bedroom...? You might run across one or two in a crowd of 50 men & women if even that!

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If your question is, "Why the #%#@ a Windstar?" Well, here's the answer in a nutshell: A number of years ago I was in a motorcycle accident in which I broke my neck. Prior to that I enjoyed drag and road racing my different 1969 Ford Mustang mach 1's. The want and will to accelerate never and I mean never goes away, and then continues on until the bitter end!

If you'd be interested how someone can survive over 23+ years and not lose ones mind, visit my web site: It'll fill you in on most of my life but it needs updated badly.

November 01, 2008

My van has been delivered to my house and I have my SCT programmer base tune installed. The throttle body is running very to the master cylinder so I'll need someone's factory plastic/rubber ducting to connect to my throttle body. Does anyone happen to have their factory parts after installing a cold air kit? If you do or know anyone who does, I'm very interested in it! Please email me ASAP!

OK the bad news; my insurance, American Family has dropped a bombshell on me. They refuse to pay another shop to finish up the work that "Integrity Automotive & Racing" left me HANGING when they went out of business October 30, 2008. Anyone who would like to help me out with a "small donation" from 1¢ to $500 can go to PayPal and use the email address: [email protected] Yes, it may seem like a low thing to ask, but right now I'm in a low point in my life/project since AmFam bailed on me.



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