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Mustang LX
I got an '89 mustang about a year and a half ago.It is my sixth mustang and I will never part with another one. It has dart heads, sub frame connectors, strut tower brace, hi-rise weiend intake and an 850 dual feed double pumper.Im not to sure of all the internal engine mods but it is about 475 to 500hp! I am dow in the process of converting it to a 5 speed.I got it with an automatic and I have been though 4 trannys in a year. Other mods in clude 4.56 rear gears, aluminum driveshaft, weld drag lites, holley fuel pump, and 5" tach.(I hate that big tach and intend to remove it in the future.It was there when I got the car.) The stock tach is functional and fine with me!In the future i would like to finish a few things up and take the car on Pinks.


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