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My name is Gary, I live in Salt Lake City, and I'm the new owner of a 2001 GT. I picked up my Mustang in June, 2008, and other than a Fuel delivery issue, I love it! This is my first Mustang since I was in high school, which was 25+ years ago!

Yeah, I'm that old...

I'm new to the 4.6 motor, but not new to Fords or 5.0's. I've owned and modded seven 1988 TBirds (Sports) during the mid-late 90's. Each of them got motor and trans swaps (306's or 331's with T5's) and Turbo Coupe 8.8" rears (for the disc brakes!). They were a LOT of fun! In 2001, I turned "practical" out of necessity, and purchased a family car ('99 Dodge Intrepid) to haul my kids around in.

There were several reasons for the Intrepid purchase, but I won't get into that here... In 2002, I sold the last of my TBirds.

I've been dying to build something ever since I sold that car, so I looked around and reverted back to a dream of mine. I've ALWAYS wanted to build a Cobra...hence the username "CobraNutt"... So, I hopped on board the FFR website, and then the FFCobra Forums and started planning my build, gathering ideas, and putting money aside so I could eventually order my "kit" with dreams of me behind the wheel of my very own! (This is not mine, but you get the idea!)

Well...things change, circumstances evolve, and I find myself in strange circumstances where the "Dream" will have to wait a little longer. I have a daughter who needs a set of wheels, so I decided to put the ultimate dream on hold, yet find a temporary "fix", and let her take over the Intrepid. I began my search a couple months ago, and drove several cars that were really piles of junk! I knew what I wanted, and I finally found the one that fit my wants, needs, and of course, BUDGET! Here's what I ended up with:

2001 GT Convertible
84k miles on the clock
Auto trans (I'm old, remember?!)
Bone Stock!
Needs a fuel pump! (fixed!)

So....that's it for now. I look forward to putting on a lot more miles with the top down and the wind blowing through my hair (while I still have some!).

So far, I love this thing!!!



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