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Im a Triple Black Mustang Whore I luv em. Im looking for a 69 or 70 Fastback black on black if you know the where abouts of one let me know Please!

I own a 2000 GT Conv Triple Black 5spd 53k miles 335hp Jetchip and Cold air. This is my cruising car that Im super nice to, picked it up for $10K deal of the century, car had 49k miles on it when i bought it last spring sure enough the Tranny is stuck in Reverse when I went to pull it out of the garage this spring. looks like im gonna have to tear into the tranny and figure out the problem.

I own a 1996 Cobra Saleen Conv rare car Triple Black Supercharged 5spd 76k miles Estimating about 450hp This car is parked because of the mileage is getting up there I ran this car in 11's last year prolly could do better but Im one hefty ass mo fo!

I own a 1989 1/2 GT 25th Anniversary Conv Triple Black 57k miles Estimating 300hp. My project car had it for 3 years now, its been sanded down for all new paint, originally was automatic now 5spd Engine built up to 93 Cobra specs New Top and glass window. I completely stripped this car down to nothing when i was on house arrest years ago and its still not done, I suggest never tearing the whole car down when restoring a car do 1 section at a time like Drivetrain then Body then Interior not all at once and you wont have such a nice car just sitting there because I dont have the time to complete.



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