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FORD, of course!
Mustang GT
2010 Valentines Day gift from Hubby!! What a wonderful man!!

I also have a 86 F150 (The Blue Mule) short bed with the nice ol' unbreakable in line 6, an 88 F-250 (The Turd--hopes to grow up and be The **** one day) Long bed with the 5.0L HO motor in it. Both have a 6" pure suspension lift, The Mule is currently on 31's due to state inspection, The Turd is on 35's. Getting ready to tear that motor apart AGAIN, keeps over heating, think the head gasket is on wrong, (common enough mistake, and seems we made it DOH!) and blocking the water flow.

And NO these are not my husbands toy's, they are my toys, my creations, driven by ME! LOL!! He drives an F450 4door dully diesel.
If it's under the hood it's mine (unless I need help), if it's crappy suspension work it's his. :D ~~Yes, he does Love me! But then I was smart enough to marry my mechanic! ROFLMAO!!



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