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General Information

Mustang GT
First Mustang I have owned personally. Others in my family have. My sister owned a 1974 Mustang II. My Wife had a 1969 302, And my Brother in Law has owned several over the years but he is a car buff and is always trading rides. My Niece owns a 2007 V6 which she bought after her previous Accord was in the shop and she rented a mustang. Loved it and soon after Bought her new Stang and sold the Accord. Her only regret was to have not bought the GT version. My other sister loves my GT and wants to get on of her own. I think its a money thing for her though.

No Mods are visible in this photo. So far there is a FRPP CAI and 91 Tillman Street Race tune along with GTB mufflers. I also has a Car Stereo shop intergrate XM and iPod into the Shaker 500.

Future plans are for gears, a better shifter, 18" wheels, a rocker decal (I am looking for something I like still) and suspension to lower it some.

A work in progress.



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