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Showcase cover image for DenimXR6's 2006 Ford F6 Typhoon

General Information

F6 Typhoon
Ford Falcon F6 Typhoon Inline 6cyl, 6spd auto, stock they produce 270kws, which is 362hp, I have a larger cat, 60lb injectors, flash tuner, and the turbo has been boosted, and is now at 305rwkws, 408rwhp, new valve springs, and having the turbo ported and boosted some more, should see this at around the 360rwkws, 482rwhp..

The red one is a Falcon ute, it has a 5.0L Windsor, 4 speed auto, which I use to run around in, so I dont get scratches or damage done to the F6, I have plans of placing a couple of M90 superchargers on it, but, will wait and see on that..

A red 1970 302w Coupe I used to own at one stage

A 1970 Mustang coupe with a worked 302 windsor, gt40p heads, roller rockers, mild cam, auto, was almost finished in painting it, till the orders came thru to get rid of it, my biggest mistake and regret, I shouldve gotten rid of the g/f instead..



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