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mustang gt
My gt was purchesd in late 05'... so far I have the basssani set up with cats.. I have the steeda pully upgrade.. a new p.I manifold ( ford racing aka the one that come on the 2000 plus years)... have and fender wall intake... new injectors... and that's about it..I'm in the works of doing the true shaker set up non cdc.. I bought the hood of a mach 1.. just need the shaker kit (ran out of funds lol)... I have cobra off set rims (17 in front 18 in the rear) and just lowerd it with an eibac set up ( sorry for misspelling uploading from my phone)... I'm currenty an entrey level tech so I do know a few things here and ther in the auto world.. but this site looks koo and I hope to be more involved in the community of modded mustangs....


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