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General Information

saleen #98
Previously owned by Ric Kolb, Ric was on a mustang road race team in the northwest. He was a long time customer and friend. Ric passed in July of 07 and will be missed by many. The Kolb family offered to sell me the Saleen and I purchased it 11/18/09
Starting where the air goes into the engine, Ric added a Moroso cold-air kit equipped with a K&N filter. A Granatelli Motorsports 75mm mass-air meter leads to an FRPP 65mm throttle-body and an Explorer upper intake paired with a GT-40 lower. Twenty-four lb/hr fuel injectors, an Aeromotive fuel-pressure regulator, and a 155-lph fuel pump meet additional fuel needs. Deeper into the motor, Ric went with a pair of thoroughly ported cast-iron GT-40 cylinder heads equipped with 1.7:1 Cobra roller rockers. Attached to the heads are Bassani equal-length shorty headers and a Bassani 211/42-inch X-pipe with high-flow catalytic converters. 295 rwhp 339 torque.

#2 is a 1992 lx- 347 stroker holley aluminum heads, 900 cfm carb, NOS packed in a BOSS 302 block



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