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General Information

well i started out with a $700 67fairlane **** HOLE! Now its got a 408 W 4.000 bore/ 4.000 stroke, every component is blue printed, all PROBE internals, 10.5:1, pump gas, alluminum heads out of australia a company called E-SQUARED ENGINEERING, same castings as an edelbrock victor jr. head but they come ported and polished with 2.05 in. 1.60 ex. and they kick ass on the flow bench! its got a solid lift cam .572 lift @ .050 all machine work was done by bliss performance. suspension wise is all from morrison, one off 9'', chris alston ladder bars, morrison coils and panhard bar, wilwood disk brakes, 4.56 richmond pro gears, moser 31 spline axles, full frame car now, 10 point cage from morrison as well, (everything is painted to match the car! let me know if you want to go crusin this summer, im good friends with BOB with the procharged gt, so we go cruisin'



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