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General Information

This is my 2k GT. It started as a $2500 craigslist find with 150k miles.
After the engine started ticking and another 40k miles and one hell-of-a burnout, she died. Now im droping in a 302 stroked 4.6 3v. from, an o7 gt with 41k on the dash cost of the engine was $1300 minus acc.

I used the ford motorsport shorties. I got tones of room for the steering shaft. You can see the logan motorsports adapter plates. The photo with the blue engine was after I painted the engine and droped it in. Again lots of clearence. This Was an easy swap except for all the extras you have to buy. fuel enjection adapter $40
2.alternator bracket from Ford $17
3.power steering bracket from Ford $17
4.Dyno tune $600
5.brass fitting for iac valve $12
6.brass fitting for egr valve $12
7.2 taps for threading iac and egr valve $28
8. sct f3/x3 tuner $300+ new, $100-200 on ebay
9. cobra throttle body gasket
10. jlt cold air tube $109 (parts you need are 90 degree elbow 4.5 id, 4in id-4.5in idx3in silicone reducer, 9in tube without mass air hole, billet maf adapter for 80-90mm mass air sensor)

The adjustable cam gears are $400 from Paschal performance. Finding those are hard.