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Mustang Cobra 2.3T
Images soon to come. Just picked this up today - October 16th 2009.

This was an INCREDIBLE oppertunity. This is a 79 Mustang Cobra Turbo with only 74k and came from a SINGLE owner!! It was my cousins step father. He got in some trouble with this car and put it up 5 years ago. I pretty much gave it to me hoping I would breathe some life back into it. I was dead set on putting a bigger motor in it however I am reading that this little 2.3 Turbo has some KICK! Again, only 74k miles!! Body needs help and it smells funny. I just picked it 2 hours ago. Everything I read makes me appreciate this car more and more!

Pictures soon to come. Need to at least wash it down first.


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