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Mustang GT
I have been looking for quite some time for a toy with a V8 and 5-Spd. After realizing the new Camaro is Mother Fugly, I initially went for a used Ford Lightning, but learned quickly, that they never made one with a clutch.

Car is decent, but will need a driver door (bought it that way), but the car is Black on Black which I hear is pretty rare. It has AFS 17X9 4-Lug rims. The front tires are P245 R45 and the rears are P275 40 ZR17's.

The only issue is the rims are so wide, the rear shock dampers can not be installed, so need to find a way to relocate or just dump the rims and get stock pony wheels

Still have two grand to throw at this car ($5K budget), so looking forward to kicking some ass at the track. Also I was told I have an unmolested engine which is pretty cool

Got to tell you Ford guys welcome people rather easily and try to help out when then can.

Lastly, just sold my 2000 Camaro and think I found a new home for this Fox Body. The last pic shows the dent that unfortunately came with the car. I used a standard scissor jack and a piece of would to get the biggest part of the dent out. Will most likley replace door.



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