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Mustang Hatch GT
i got it march 15th 2009, drove 2.5 hours north of my house towing a 88 f150 with 9"s of lift on 38" super swampers on a tow dolley in trade for this car, not even having seen it. it was parked in the weeds behind a fence, no taillights, hatch was half off, full interior was in his garage, car was SHITTILY painted. i still was in love. it runs, now. its a 5.0 HO with a T-5 behind it and a 8.8 Limited Slip. plans are- e303 cam, gt40p heads, trick flow upper intake, 70mm TB, long tube headers, off road x pipe, shelby valve covers, MSD 6AL, 1.7 roller rockers, short throw shifter, centerforce clutch, clutch quadrant/firewall adj, and minor rust repair. JUST aquired my pony rims for it, not yet on. car will be HOT PINK, no im not gay, im engaged. nothing says **** you asshole like getting your ass handed to you in a pink mustang you thought wasnt ****. im into sleepers. later...347 stroker, kenne bell supercharger kit, TKO tranny, frame ties, strut tower supports, lower 1.5", tons of other stuff, its a never ending project!



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