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Showcase cover image for GetSum302's 1993 Ford LE SVT Cobra

General Information

LE SVT Cobra
Here's Sally. She's a 1993 Limited Edition SVT Cobra. Be nice...she's shy and VERY short-tempered. She doesn't get to get out and mingle much. She has a new Vortech SQ S-Trim After-Cooled Supercharger rated at 16 lbs, battery relocation kit, short-throw shifter, 3:73 gears, high-performance adjustable camshaft, new and loud 3.5 inch stainless steel exhaust all the way to the manifold, a very stiff Maximum Motorsports suspension package including adjustable camber/caster plates, shocks, springs, sway bars, new 60-lb fuel injectors,new strut tower brace and plenty of rubber, holding her to the ground. Limo black tint all the way around and original GTS smokeout kit. She has 6,400 original pampered miles. She produces an incredible 712 bhp. You can eat off the engine and undercarriage. All original paint that you can comb your hair in. All orignal exterior molding and grey leather interior. Have all original documents, to include SVT certificate, Window sticker, all original ford pamplets and spare plastic keys. Stored in climate-controlled garage her whole life. She loves to eat new Z06's for Sunday morning breakfast. :O)



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