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I had the bolt that holds the crank pulley snap off inside the crank 3 months after buying the car and the dealer told me it was my problem. I put in a street mod 900 shortblock from modular mustang racing, it has an 04 cobra block and forged 04 cobra crank with forged manley pistons. I already had stage 2 1/2 heads from modular powerhouse with cams, I got them from a buddy who totaled his GT. I have a set of frpp 410s in the back,4" powerpipe from anderson ford motorsports, steeda underdrive pulleys and a 70mm tb and plenum from professional products but plan on adding the typhoon intake come spring. I have the roush shifter but I am not a huge fan and wish I would have gone with the pro 5.0 one. I don't have any dyno #s yet because I am still breaking the motor in but we went with an sct chip when we did the gears and I will be having a custom tune and chip burned when I do the intake and get some #s too. From here I am going to work on the interior,suspension and maby a big brake kit come spring. I would like to eventually put on a terminator front bumper and a cowl induction hood but bodywork will be last since it looks pretty good stock.


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