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General Information

Well, the opportunity presented itself for me to buy a 1967 Mustang Coupe from a friend who originally bought the car for his son. At the time though, his son couldn't see the possibilities because of the state of the car (project-heaven). So I took it off his hands for $1200. He had just purchased new suspension, front and back, for $800. As you can see, they wanted to get rid of the car.

The car came with a 302 that the previous owner says "had some work done" on it. But in my opinion, NOPE. So to date, I've started with the heart and put a new 302 in it that's been rebuilt completely, bored .30 over, slightly overstock cam, longtubes, 2.5in exhaust with some Flowmaster 50's. New alternator, radiator, carburetor, electric fan, electric fuel pump, and pertronix ignition. Figured I would start with the most important stuff first!

This is where I am so far, with many more to come. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to becoming more involved with this community.



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