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Mustang LX 5.0
I just bought this car this year from a wonderful older lady who had the car from new. The car is an AOD which was the only drawback 2 the car. It had 58,000 miles never wrecked. I saw this car and had to have it. It was so stock the baffel in the airbox was still in! I pulled all stock airbox and put in K+N with shorty headers, off-road h-pipe. Also installed msd box with msd Distributor and coil. then I had just built my 89' motor with way more HP. I said to myself lets try NITROUS. My buddy had a bottle on his gt89 and had never filled the bottle. I bought a kit for $200 nos 80-150 dry. The guy I got it from never hit it or had it filled he put it on and was scared of it. I put it on in my garage in a 3 hr period takin time. The next day went to my buddy's got his bottle and had them filled. He has a 75-125hp Zex kit dry. We got back hooked it up on his with 125hp jets and 92 octain and holy GEEEEEZZZ that stuff is unreal!! Then we got in my 92 and hit what we though from what the guy selling it to me said was a 80hp shot and my car blew us both away!!! From then we found that my kit was jetted for 150hp!!! then since then we raced a couple diffrent stangs 1 carberated high compression roller rockers cam bad ride and my other buddys 125hp zex gt smoked him so bad I passed the carbed car as well and had plenty of room!!! Then came a 5.0 aluminum victor jr intake and heads bad ride we were astounded when the car we just smoked almost beat that car!!! It was not that our cars are fast but you put that bottle on ..hold on it does what you want it to with all those other bolt on parts just add the gas if you can!!!



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