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UPDATED 4-25-08

US Patent 7,226,109 and US Patent 7,229,122 issued 2007

This Invention is the only system in the world that can easily convert your Mustang Coupe, your Soft Top Convertible, or your F150 Pickup, into a Hardtop Convertible

The Automotive Aftermarket Business has developed into a multi-billion dollar business. Each year thousands upon thousands of enthuiasts are having distinctive embellishing inovations added to their cars and pickups. The market is so huge that yearly, there are numerous conventions relating to this phenomena.The daddy of them all is the annual SEMA (Specialty Equipment Marketing Association) event held in Las Vegas, attracting 120,000 industry only personnel and company VIPs. Retail purchasers are not allowed.

This market is so big that, browsing at Borders Book Store, you will find an entire section with over a 150 magazines devoted to giving individual expression to your Mustang, F150, Street Rod, or Hotrod, long after you have purchased your vehicle. Hundreds of firms such as sell re-styling body kits - hoods - wings and spoilers - bumper covers - scoops - styling bars - tonneau covers - special lights - grills - emblems - parts for raising and lower chassis. There are also Specialty Car Dealers that purchase new vehicles and put their distinctive add-on distinctions before offering them for sale, including firms like Roush, Shelby, and Saleen. Also there are several popular TV Shows demonstrating and supporting these aftermarket visual stand apart appointments.

But in all these Aftermarket Companies, not one has a simple mechanism to transform a Coupe, a Pickup or Soft Top Convertible into a eye catching, apart from the crowd, Hardtop Convertible. This is why I am entering this giant Aftermarket business. Unlike all of the above, my patented intellectual property cannot be duplicated without my License.


These drawings by vehicle designer Ed White, demonstrate this simple drop on conversion principle on a 2005-08 Mustang Coupe. Rag Top Stang, an F-150, and a Corvette Coupe, all converted to super Hard Top Convertibles. These roof retracting systems are far less expensive for new vehicle manufacturers to add pizazz to their present lines, because engineering relates only to mechanisms, not an entire vehicle.



9 Kit Parts are to be completely assembled prior to shipping to installer, ready to drop-on vehicle. Only the Sail Panels need be installed first.

NOTE: The above described Kit embodies the simplest apparatus of my total patent claims, required for these Mustang Coupes, utilizing a single gear motor, that does all the work. After Conversion Kit is put on market, Lessee Venture will further market this patented technology to new or specialty vehicle manufacturers, with additional patent features that diversify retraction methods, and enable the Roof to adjust movement forward and/or backward while retraction and closing is in progress, enabling Roof to unhook from windshield mechanically, and to seat itself iinto Lid at the designed moment.


1 - First Stage Prototype - 2005-08 Mustang Coupes Converted to Hardtop Convertible. There are over 400,000 in private hands today. We project that 1% (or 4,000) will install this Kit.

(My contact, is ready to manufacture this Kit.

2 - Molds, Stampings, and Dies for producing Components Budget

(My contact, a above will Manufacturer will accomplish this,

3 - Market Ready Product - Mustang fitted with Factory Proven Production Kit installed.

At this stage our Venture is prepared for Exhibition along with the National Publicity these Stangs Hardtops will generate, to simultaneously set up Franchises such as National Muffler Chains, Sun Roof Installers, Hotrod Shops, etc.

We will be selling to Franchised Dealer-Installers, not to the Public.

For Item by Item breakdown on above startup and production Kit Cost Projections, and Sample Leaseback Agreement.- Ask seller a question - jrm2532, and we will

There are over 900,000 1999-2008 Mustang Rag Tops and Mustang Coupes on the road today, plus several hundred thousand Rangers and F-150s, ready to convert into Hard Top Convertibles. In addition to the above, The same basic Kit may be separately dimensioned for a Monte Carlo, Eclipse, or Mercedes Coupe, plus Chevy, Dodge, and Toyota Pickups, etc.


During retraction, Roof section (1) folds atop Back Window section (2), that is rotating atop toward descending Lid (3) - all recessing into cavity of discarded fastback window of Mustang Coupe, or mechanism area of Mustang Soft Top Convertible.


AUTOMATIC - While centered drive motor is rotating itself and Window section down, atop recessed storage compartment Lid, cable is folding Roof against Window Roof Also My patents mechanisms that will mechanically release roof from windshield, lift and retract roof as on Corvette Coupe. Patents also cover a manual muscle powered operating retraction mechanism

Continuation Patent Application showing these features, will be forwarded to legitimate parties.


b. Second Stage Prototype - Current model Blue Rag Top Mustang or 1999-2004 Convertible shown.

c.Third Prototype - F150 requires a custom tonneau, otherwise, an installation similar to Mustang Coupe.

d.Fourth Prototype - Corvette Coupe - This is the simplest one of all, although the sales volume would be much less. Only the fast back window is discarded. Then you install trim, drop-on assembled Kit, (embracing present roof), and secure to body. I am showing this inexpensive simplified roof system invention on current Ford vehicles, because of their popularity and wide choice of custom add-ons already being offered in the aftermarket.

With proper marketing like SEMA and Pebble Beach shows, Mustang and Truckin' Clubs, it should duck soup to sell many thousand Hard Top Conversion Kits a year. There are thousands of car dealers, body shops, sun roof and muffler type installation companies in US capable of installing this simple (by the numbers) Vehicle Hardtop Conversion Kit.

Our Vehicle designer, Ed White, (Fast Eddy), who has had over 50 of his designs published in Truckin, Street Truck, Hot Rod, Elite Street, and many other magazines, will also be involved in development and manufacturing stage. See his amazing vehicle designs at Eddie not only is a great form designer, but he also is function capable.

Also, this roof system can be incorporated in many manufacturers' current and future vehicles, from the least expensive, with merely the muscle powered manual roof retraction system, to sophisticated, completely automatic systems, costing 25% more, as on the Corvette (lift off top) Coupe demonstrated in our drawings. (Beyond the present patents, and the patents applied for, we have other trade secrets.)

In place - Automotive Manufacturer selected to produce 100% of assembled Kit, boxed for shipment.

Marketing - Ed's magazine contacts for publicity, Video for Youtube and our Website. Present to three

National Muffler Chains, Reserve Booth at fall SEMA Show at Las Vegas, Present to three prominent Specialty Auto manufacturers.

The value of my 20 year Patents is subject to the success in marketing these Convertible Hardtop Roof Retracting Kits, but as I state in my eBay Business Plan, I fully expect to sell one to two thousand Kits per year.

Jay Martin, Inventor

Highland Park, Illinois 60035
[email protected]




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