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Ford Mustang
65' GT and 92' LX SVO Swap
65' Mustang GT (Sally)

My first love was an older woman. She was my first car when I turned 16. I've been slowly restoring her for a long time now and have come a long ways. She's in primer and has NOS replacments for almost everything. I replaced the quarter panels and there is practically no rust left of her. I have pictures of what she looked like when I started and will post pictures of what she looks like after I am completly done with the restoration. My plans for mods are';
*T-5 Transmission (Completed)
*2004 GT rear posi
*Rebuilt 302 dressed up like a 289 (Completed)
*GT40 Heads
*Preformer 289 intake (Completed)
*650cfm Edlebrock 4bbl carb (Completed)

92' Mustang LX (Roxi)

This is my latest romance. She's a calypso green 2.3L in immaculate condition. I keep her pretty clean. My plans for this car are;
*Five lug conversion
*T-5 transmission (Completed)
*Foose matte black wheels
*Aluminum Boport Head
*Stroke to 3.0L
*Dual Exhaust
*Supercharge setup
*Griggs style 3 link

96' Mustang GT (Rainy) (Sold January 2015)

I just bought this car recently (December 2012). She was an original 4.6 girl, but a kid tried to swap in a 5.4 and couldn't get her running. He auto pawned her and my body bid $2500 on the car. He got it running and sold it to me for 3k. She's a low miles car with 80K on the speedo and a freshly rebuilt 5.4 out of a 2001 Ford F-150.

*5.4l of course
*custom fabbed cold air intake (to fit under the hood)

*Lighthing Supercharger Manifold with a Eaton supercharger
*Some 2013 Boss 302 wheels and Grabber blue paint with a "Boss" scheme

97' Mustang (Luna)

My baby and my daily driver. She may only be a sixer, but I love her and all the work I put into her. RIP Aug. of 2009 she was hit by a city bus that ran a red light. :'(


*Heads (Rebuilt, Ported and Polished)
*K&N Cold Air Intake
*Intercooler (Yeah yeah, I'll hook up the turbos later)
*2000 17' Mustang GT 5 spoke rims with Sumitomo ZR17 street slicks

*Saab 900s Twin Turbo setup
*Dual Exhaust



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