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General Information

Mustang GT Convertible
Purchased my GT a year ago from a college kid needing to get rid of it badly. I jumped on it for the cheap price. Around 7k for the car when it had 71,200 miles when i bought it. So far i have close to 94k miles on the vehicle and it still purrs like a kitten with no bucks or hesitations at all and im lovin it.

Engine Mods:

Accufab Upper plenum and 75mm TB
Kooks LT Headers and corresponding X-pipe
Pypes Performance Violator Cat-Back

Not much, i know...and i plan on probably putting fully CNC'd P&P heads from either Foxlake or one of my speed shop's recommendations from what i have heard and seen full proof of the power the heads make...

the Block is also bone stock so after the heads ill be at my limit as far as putting more bolt-ons are concerned since it's a high mileage motor. If anything this will be my cruising car...since my ultimate goal is owning a '03-'04 Cobra. But since this mustang was my first V8, i wont be giving it up that easily and it has been treating me very well.