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Showcase cover image for limited's 1999 Mustang convertible

General Information

Black Limited edition convertible #1973 of 4628,1 of 364 like it.
Appearance mods:
Saleen front bumper
custom graphics
cdc light bar
custom driving lights
window tint
2000 cobra r headlights

Interior mods:
billet window switch's
billet cruise buttons
billet emerg. brake handle
billet headlight knob
billet heater control knobs
billet pedals
dual guage a-piller
dual guage dash panel
Ford racing mechanical boost gauge
Ford racing mechanical fuel pressure gauge
Plx wide band
digital iat guage
millennium fx car alarm

Engine Mods:
2.1L KB 9 psi intercooled
Vt stage 3 blower cams
crower high load springs
Titianium retainers
Vt valve covers
75mm accufab throttle body
Sct ba2400 90mm maf
demolet cai
custom tune(xcal2)
Gt supercar fuel pump
Kb boost a pump

446hp/451tq, 11 psi,Mustang dyno
Just need exh. mods now

Suspension/drivetrain Mods:
eibach prokit
Bfg Kdw's 270/40/17 rear,245/45/17 front
Bump steer kit
Frpp 3:73's
steeda triax

Exhaust mods:
weld in magnaflows
Mac o/r H-pipe with welded in cats

Parts on hand:
Teksid block
cp 19cc pistons
oliver billet I-beam rods
Kellog 3.750 stroker crank
arp main and head studs
cobra oil pump wth billet gears
moroso 8qt pan
03 cobra alum. flywheel
Centerforce DF clutch
BBK tuned length headers