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Special ordered:
Ordered Sep 2, 2010, Build Date Oct 11, 2011, Delivery, Oct 22nd
Stock: 6 speed manual, 3.73 axle, 19" wheels, Brembo Brakes, HIDS
Perf Mods: Steeda CAI, Magnaflow 3" Cat Back Comp exhaust, SCT CF3 custom tune (all installed by Blow By Racing)
Interior Mods: 5.0 Logo Floor mats, Roush Black Retro Shifter, Brushed aluminum trip kit, chrome (door locks, billet lock pins, side mirror control and bezel)
Exterior Mods: Bullet Lug nuts with security nut, HID fog lamps, BlackOut kit (tail and brake), BBR 6" black antenna, Roush Spoiler (once Roush can send the right color, cmon guys, 3rd time a charm maybe?, I mean how hard is it to paint it black? Not silver, not no paint, BLACK!)
Countermeasures: Passport 9500ci, LaserVeil (All lights plus rear license plate cover), Lojack with EWS

Color: As black and evil as possible.

Dyno coming this week (-; (Oh yes, this thing is wickedly evil fast with a agressive sound that turns heads)


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