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i absolutly love my car!!!! i am proud to say i am paying for it myself. alot of people tell me i am lucky to have my parents buy me this car. **** no! i am 18, i live on my own with my boyfriend and i have a great job. i can afford this. never have i imagined actually owning my favorite car! ever since i was little i dreamt of owning a car like this one day. now i can say my dream came true! it isnt no ordinary mustang. oh hell no. every paycheck i try to add a little more. i havmt had it very long but so far i have black head light covers. thats only during the day. but at night i am hoping to get dual halo projector headlights! i also want led tail lights, also on the 3rd brakelight. i want power sport mirrors with led turning signals. i want hid fog lights and so on. this car is going to be frikin awesome when im finished with it!



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