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General Information

I love my 2005 Ford Mustang Vert, "Spirit". I have had it for a little over 2 years and have enjoyed it very much. I have spent almost $2000 on my car so far and know there will be a lot more spent. I love the way my car is, but I want it to be the type of car that makes everyone turn their head and stare. I am currently looking for any type of sponsorship to help me make this happen and to help me take my car from stock car to dream car!!

Future plans include: Underbody 7 color neon kit ( being shipped to me right now), new tires( int he process of buying some), new rims, better/more interior neons, trunk/engine neons, exterior accessories, engine/performance mods, etc...

These are not my most recent pictures but are from a couple months ago, and I have done a lot in the last couple months, but all my other pictures were TOO BIG to upload I guess and so these were the ones I took with my phone awhile back. I will upload newer pictures very soon!



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