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V8 GT Convertible
Red Fire
I had been looking for a new Mustang to fill the void of my youth. We drove past the car lot one Sunday afternoon and I heard my husband gasp and say "Uh oh". So I quickly did a u-turn and she was in the driveway the next afternoon. Although white was my color of choice, the redfire caught our eye and we just knew this was the right car. I knew I wanted to replace the wheels as the stock ones were just not doing it for me and that good ole American Muscle Car sound was a must. Modifications would need to be made but I have no expertise on the subject. I am, however, friends with an awesome Ford mechanic. Don't hate on the Ford mechanics - hate on the stealerships. lol Most of my modifications are paid for - not self completed but there are a couple projects that we did ourselves. (Me and my sweet husband) All of the modifications were inspired by Modded Mustangs and it's Members help and suggestions. I knew what I wanted, but didn't know how to adequately explain it to anyway. The members here really helped me understand things and make the best choices possible for my car. When the world lets me down - Miss Vivian picks me back up......then throws me back in the seat and screams "HANG ON MAMA!" lol I've considered trading up a couple times but the thought of letting Viv go breaks my heart. She's family. We'll hang on to her a while.
2005 Ford V8 GT Convertible (Red Fire)


- Installed hood struts
- C&L Racer CAI
- SCT Custom Tunes
- Stock Shaker 500. It's still shakin!
- Replaced the rear spoiler with a GT500 spoiler which was kindly donated by a Modded Mustang sweetie. :)
- Bassani Stainless Steel Full Catted X Pipes and Axle Backs
- Replaced stock suspension with Eibach Pro-Kit. This dramatically improved handling and gave it a stance that gets lots of head turns!
Wheel and Tire
Wheels from American Muscle.
Current rubber from BF Goodrich.



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