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General Information

Recently purchased. 3.8 V6, 5 sp, loaded. 136k miles (was told it was rebuilt 35k miles ago. Not true). Had passenger front damage (under repair). Factory wheels replaced with GT white rims with new rubber. Interior remains stock other then white EL guage package and updated head unit. Flowmaster catback exhaust. Future plans include newly rebuilt 3.8 or upgrade to 5.0, working on buying Cobra body kit. Undecided on paint color as of yet.
New header panel came in the same day the new turn signal lenses arrived. I was racing against time with an incoming storm front which held off long enough to get everything back together. Here are e few photos. The paint shop somehow gave me the wrong color. They said the car was Cayman Green Metallic. Luckily this was a simple color test and I only bought a quart. Update... Body is ready for paint, just waiting for the painter. Rims were meticulously hand sanded, primed and sealed, resprayed Graphite Metallic. Waiting for paint to add the color matched stripe to the rims then they will be clear coated. Gabriel shocks replaced the shot factory shocks. New rear suspension parts from American Muscle Mustang Parts are being installed this week.



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