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Roush RS3
We have a newly formed kind of club, all family and one very close friend. We call ourselves the "Over The Hill Mustang Gang". I started this unlikely chain of events by purchasing a new black 2007 Mustang GT in July. Next my girlfriend goes and buys a fully loaded red jewel tintcoat 2007 TrailBlazer SS the following month, shame on her. Then her sister decides to join the performance fray by purchasing a 2008 red convertible Shelby GT500 in October, what a blast to drive. Then one of my very closest friends sees how much fun we are all having and asks me to help him pick out a new Mustang. We drive to the local Ford dealership where I purchased my GT and our salesman starts showing us what he has, it is now November. He shows us his used selections and my friend is not quite happy with the choices, save for one very mean red 2004 SVT Cobra with 18,000 original miles. The "Terminator" is a beast in every way as the previous owner had installed a few mods, including a smaller blower pulley, a full Magnaflow exhaust, and a clutch that would make a weight lifter's left leg quake. My friend loves the car but decides this is not for him because he needs a daily driver. He instead opts for a gorgeous candy apple red 2008 Mustang GT. Now so as not to be left out in the cold, my dad asks me a few days later about the Cobra my friend and I told him about while shopping for his new Mustang. He gives me a check for $25,000 and sends me on my way to see if I can procure the untameable beast. I arrive at the dealership and make my offer. The powers that be go back and forth and decide this is not enough for the Cobra. I leave and return home with the news. My dad tries to take it in stride but he really wanted that Cobra. A day later my girlfriend and I are at her sister's house and we tell her and her husband the story, he owns an electric yellow 1979 C3 Corvette. They own a nightclub not too far from the dealership and proceed to tell us they may be able to help. They know many of the people that work at this dealership because many of them drop by on their way home from work and have a drink. I am given a number to call and a deal is worked out the very next day ! I love stories with a happy ending, don't you ?



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