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Mustang GT
Bought this car on 06/20/2006. It was a birthday present from me to me. Don Meadows (Sales manager at Galpin Ford in North Hills California) and I were talking on the phone and the problem was my credit. He said there's gotta be something we can do to get you into a Mustang. When I mentiuoned I was an Air Force veteran he told me to hang tight and hung up. Next thing I get a call from some guy from ford motor credit. When I told him I had shitty credit he says I dont give a f*** about your credit tell me about yourself. About 3 weeks later on my birthday I went up to Galpin just to see what they could do. I was thinking about a used 2005 GT when they put in this brand new 06 with 4 miles on it. God bless America! As of this date I have more than 50,000 miles on her and loved every mile. Honestly never cared for Ford but they really knew their **** with these s197's. FTMFW!! Notice the Roush side skirts. had to replace the OEM's when I grazed a curb. Thats another great thing about these cars, there is so many ways you can "personalize" them with aftermarket power adders, bolt on and custom body parts.


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