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Mustang LX
I'm the 2nd owner. 48K on the clock. All paperwork from order sheet (including invoice and window sticker) to last maintenance. All maintenance recorded and I have all receipts for any part installed. I have every stock part that came off the car for a performance upgrade. All body panels are original with vin stickers and the paint is original (save for the hood. I have original hood). All original interior. I have not had this car to the track but an educated 1/4 mile guess would be mid to low 13's on good street tread and maybe high 12's (hopeful thinking) with drag radials. It's really hard to say since full throttle is a no go before 4K RPM's through 3rd gear on good street tread. Gets pretty squirrely below that when trying for WOT.

Lots of performance mods. I'll get to listing them.... Some day:).



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