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General Information

Mustang GT
Laser Red
Bought Feb. 2009 with 119,000 miles on it.

Going under the knife for a Coyote swap through 2017...18...19.

(Stuff in parenthesis is sitting in boxes not yet installed)
2001 Ford Mustang GT (Laser Red)


Coyote Swap in progress:

SCT Livewire TS+

Coyote Gen II Long Block:
Accel Coils
NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
Power By Hour Coyote Swap Bracket
MMR Billet Water Pump Pulley
TSS oil pump gears
Boss Timing Chain Tensioners
Cobra Jet Pulse Ring

Cobra Jet Intake Manifold Ported by D Mark Performance
FRPP Cobra Jet Mono-blade Throttle Body Ported by D Mark Performance
FRPP Mustang Boss 302 Alternator

To be installed:
(Stock 32lb/hr Coyote Injectors)
(Glenn's Performance 1000hp return fuel kit (dual GSL 392 + GP fuel pressure regulator) with sumped tank)
(MMR Billet Fuel Rails, lines)
(Magnaflow 3" Cat-back)
(BBK Coyote Swap Ceramic Long Tube Headers)
(BBK Off-road Mid-pipe)
(FRPP Cobra Jet Intake Arm)
(Fluidyne 3-row Radiator)
(Mishimoto Rad support brackets)
(Moroso Overflow Reservoir)
(MMR Power Steering Pump and Light-Weight Pulley)
(UPR battery relocation kit)
(Red Top Performance Battery)
(FRPP A/C Delete Pulley)
(FRPP High Torque Starter)
(Power By Hour Throttle Pedal Adapter)

Previous 2v Build:
241rwhp and 281lb/ft tuned by Mustang Magic

Foxlake P51 Intake Manifold
Steeda UDP
Magnaflow Catted X-Pipe
Alpine CDE-SXM145BT headunit
FR500 Steering Wheel
Sparco Torino II seats
Cue ball shift knob
04 Cobra Convertible top
T56 Magnum: 2.97-1st, .63-6th
McLeod 11 in. 6 bolt Aluminum Flywheel
McLeod Super Street Pro 11 inch w/ 26 spline
Tremec Shifter w/ MGW handle
FRRP 4.10 Gears
Dynotech Aluminum Driveshaft
Stiffler's Transmission Crossmember
LDC Chicago Clutch Adjustment Kit
MM Quadrant, adjustable clutch cable, heat shield and clutch adjuster

(TOB, retainer shaft and transmission fork)
(Mcleod Aluminum Flywheel - 8 bolt, 11in: MCL-563408)
(Mcleod RST 11" Street Twin Disc 26 Spline Clutch: MCL-6912-07)
(Ford Performance Finned Differential Cover)
(Ford Performance FR500S Differential aka Torsen T2R)
(Alloy USA 8.8 Axles - 31 Spline Axles)
Maximum Motorsports Caster/ Camber plates
Maximum Motorsports Coilovers: 350lbs/in x 10" x 2.50" front coilover springs and 225lbs/in x 9" x 2.25" rear coilover springs
Maximum Motorsports Coilover Shocks/Struts
Maximum Motorsports Subframe Connectors
Maximum Motorsports Rear Lower Control Arms
Maximum Motorsports Panhard Rod
Maximum Motorsports Torque Arm
Quad-shock delete

(Maximum Motorsports K-Member)
(Maximum Motorsports 1/2" K-Member Spacers)
(Maximum Motorsports Forward Offset Front Control Arms with urethane bushings)
(AGR Cobra R Steering Rack - 15:1 ratio)
(Maximum Motorsports Steering rack bushings)
(Maximum Motorsports Steering shaft)
(Maximum Motorsports Bumpsteer Kit - Outer Tie Rods)
(Maximum Motorsports Solid Motor Mounts)
(Maximum Motorsports Front Swaybar Relocation Kit)
(Maximum Motorsports Swaybar End Link Kit)
Wheel and Tire
FR500 Wheels - 18x10 Rear/ 18x9 Front
Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport: Front: 275/35/18; Rear: 295/35/18
Brembo Cobra R Big Brake Kit - Front
Stoptech 13in slotted rotors - Front
Powerslot slotted rotors - Rear

Weight: 3520lbs
Weight distribution: 49.5/50.5

Post: Swap:
Weight: _____lbs
Weight distribution: ____/_____

(Infinite Machine Concepts ABS Delete Block)



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