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The book of mustang revolutions -4.6: chapter 3v: The heavens opened and the people smiled as they welcomed the chariot of the gods to earth, the Mustang GT accompanied by angels and topless women, and in the background... a farting/pooping noise was herd, the masses watched in horror, as a Scion TC fell from the exhaust pipes of the mustang and landed with a horrific dull "thud". accompanied by the other ricers. the people were outraged! before they could crush the life out of them, the Mustang stepped in and said "my people, do not kill these harmless parasites from my bowls, I need something to embarrass on the streets" so he helped the Scion TC to its tires and told it to bring all its ricer cousins so he could have something to play with on the roads, he roared this as the imports sputtered away "fear is rank in the air, for now is the reign of mustang! and death will soon be near!"


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