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Mustang SVO
This is my first restomod project that I have planned to work on while attending college majoring in automotive technician. I bought it September 1st and immediately started to work. There were a couple problems which the past owner hadn't mentioned to me like the coolant leak and how at certain times it wouldn't start up. Since my first class that I take in college is Auto Electric, I had no problem finding out the problem. Which was corroded terminal cables. Next I fixed the coolant leak due to a worn out hose. The clutch cable gave out in within the next couple of weeks of purchase, and replaced that as well. Then I got working on the body work. Which thankfully there was little rust and all it had was faded paint. I did some touch ups here and there, followed by metalic blue paint. I restored the outside to its original look (Emblems, bi-wing, body moldings). It's looking a lot better now and hopefully I will complete it by spring of 09.


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