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General Information

Current Modifications:

Engine, Components, & Drivetrain
Melling: MPR-366 Push Rods
Crane/Ford Racing “Cobra 1.7s”
1.72 ratio Roller Rockers
GT-40 Lower Intake non-EGR
GT-40P [3/8" spacer] Upper 70mm Inlet [EGR - block off plate UPR]
Wazee’s Aluminum Idler / Tensioner Pulleys
BBK U/D Pulleys including Alt.
Pro 5.0 ‘Power Tower’ Shifter
Adjust. Clutch Cable
Aluminum Quadrant
Firewall Adjuster

UPR: EGR & Smog Pump Delete [Aluminum]

Air Intake, & Fuel Delivery:
70mm BBK / Edelbrock Power-Plus Series T/B -BBK-1523

Custom Powder Coating by
Vortex of Lexington
by Brian Willhoite
Edelbrock T/B Elbow
70mm Gasket Matched & EGR Delete Plate
K&N Custom Setup w/3.5″ Aluminum Cold Air Intake
GT-40P non-EGR Upper Intake
24lb multi-spray Ford Fuel Injectors [F5DE-B5A]

Ignitions & Electrical:

Moates F3 [J3 chip programmer] | Custom TuneT4M0 Base
-Used MSD 2-wire distributor cable to install toggle to have multiple
tunes and be able to switch from one to the other 'on the fly'

MSD 6T Ignition |Soft-Touch Rev
Blaster 2 Coil [TFI]
Taylor 8mm Plug Wires
Accel Cap & Rotor [Brass Terminals]
Motorcraft coppers Gapped @ .050

Heating Fittings & Hoses
180°Mr.Gasket Thermostat
Red Line Water Wetter Cooling System Treatment
Goodyear Super Hi-Miler Hose Kits

Brake Systems, Chassis & Suspension:
PBR Aluminum [Dual Piston] Front Brake Upgrade
Ford Racing [2003 Cobra] Front Lower Control Arms
Steeda Camber/Camber Plates 79-04
Strange Engineering Rear Shocks:S6004LM
Monroe Quads [32355]

Exhaust, Gaskets & Seals:
Summit® Shorty Off-Road Headers
BBK Extractor Series X-Chamber Mid-Pipe
Flanges welded for a solid pipe from X-Pipe to Cat-Back MAC Performance 2.5" Setup with Chrome Tailpipes

Exterior Accessories:
Saleen Front Bumper -Satin Black [at the moment]
Stock hood With Poly flange Hood Pins

Interior, Gauges & Accessories:
2003 Cobra Center Console [Dual Cup Holders]

Wheels & Tires:
16″ Stock [Round 5-Stars] GT Wheels
Sumitomo 225/50/16 Front / Micheline 225/60/16 Rear



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