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My latest 5.0 is an A/C, rear defog delete, crank window car. Original 5.0 5 speed in Regatta Blue I found in 05, was sitting in a garage since 99, the second owner wanted to part it out. It is in progress, and plans include a simple rebuild, porting the E7's and lower intake, stock cam(I will be keeping the speed density computer, cuz it will force me to not spend a pile of $ on it) Ford Racing stainless shorty's. A Ford Racing off road H and Flowmaster 40's out back round out the drivetrain. 3.73's in the 8.8, with Ford Racing uppers, and Southside lowers will keep it planted- cuz all that stuff works, and has for 20 years. I will be rolling on either Welds or 10 holers, whichever I stumble across at a nice price. I HATE the Prime 16's that are on it now, but they serve as good rollers til I repair the pinholed oil pan, from sitting in the guys garage all those years.



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