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I have always loved the 1967 Shelby GT350, and since I could not afford to buy one, I decided to do a tribute using my 2007 Mustang GT.
It already had a shakerhood scoop system that I installed before deciding to do the 1967 tribute and as everone knows the 1967 GT350 did not have this. But I love the shaker and it will remain on the car for now.
I have done the following mods so far. Added the quarter window scoops, the lower "C" scoops, centered the fog lights, added all the original GT350 Emblems from 1967 and had the Lamans and the lower side strips painted on the car.
Future Mods will be to Modify the rear with the correct Spoiler and the 1967 GT350 Tail lights. Also I am trying to find aftermarket wheel that look like the ones the 1967 GT350 had that year.



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