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Camaro SS
right now its got a little 4.8 I got out of the junk yard from my cousin for $500, I put some stock LS1 heads on it which lower the compression. cam is a 224/220 .566/.588 116+4 XE-R. Comp "918" springs, stock valves etc., stock ls6 intake manifold w/ tahoe throttle body. Nothing fancy. even used stock head gaskets, only clamping is by ARP BOLTS.

Front mounted turbonetics TC78 with .96a/r and 68mm F1 trim turbine on a fully tubular manifold system. 60mm HKS GTII and e-boost 2 keep boost in check, ebay fmic, tial bov, 60lb racetronix's, racetronix pumps.. wide open downpipe dumped, really nasty sounding at idle for a turbo car.. makes mid 600 horsepower and gets 24 mpg. tuned in 2bar SD os, GM 2bar map, shitty AEM w/b....

all built/tuned with these two hands..

waiting on a 408cui w/ afr head and a t6 S91ett and about 28 lbs of boost... I want 1500rwhp.


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