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General Information

My Stage 2 turbo 2006 Rabbit had been stolen and I was looking for a cheap replacement when I came across this car. It had all of the right stuff, a 32V DOHC aluminum engine with IRS just like the Cobra SVT and it only weighed about 300 lb more. But alas, it was saddled with an AT. It had been sitting for 2 years, but started up and was kinda drive able. I bought it for $1200. Immediately, I discovered a transmission leak which turned out to be the dipstick O ring. This is not easy to fix since you need to drop the cats from the engine to do it. This is probably why it was taken off the road. Then came all of the neglected maintenance items. I was considering pulling the engine and dropping it into a Mustang, but I liked the way it drove and that it had an actual back seat. So I decided to mod it. Plus, When I looked at the new Mustangs I decided to pick on of those up instead.
1994 Lincoln MK VIII (White)


The intake silencer was removed and a K&N air filter was put in. While the exhaust was on the floor, I converted it to dual exhaust with a crossover resonator to replace the center cat. It has the Italian block, but lacks the strong internals of the SVT motor so big HP mods are out. It's cammed for a broader torque band than the SVT.
The headlights do suck on these cars. I added LED bulbs that helped a lot, but further mods are needed. Paint is definitely needed.
J Mod while I was fixing the transmission leak.
I kept the air ride and upgraded to Koni rear shocks. The fronts were replaced too, but you have to stick with factory spec since the air bags surround the shocks. The hollow rear sway bar was replaced a solid T Bird bar. Much better handling. Many folks say that the spring conversions are pretty bad. The air ride adjusts itself while you drive and drops 1.5 inches over 60mph.
Wheel and Tire
It came with totally mismatched tires, a different size and maker on every wheel, skinny 205 and 215 on the front and 245 on the back like a dragger. It has a staggered setup using the chrome Bentchi B14 wheels that the car came with. The fronts are 7.5 x 18 and the rears are 8.5 x 20. I put 245/45 18 on the front and 255/35 20 on the rear using Cooper tires. Much better.



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