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Mustang Cobra 5.0L
My baby is coming home... LOL! Just recently sold my '04 Whipple Charged Cobra for $10K over what I had into it and moved on to something older, but well worth it. I paid $4k for this '95 Cobra from a good friend of mine and look forward to all the damage we will do together at the track. I already have an STS turbo kit on the way for it and plan to do some minor upgrades to take place of some of the worn parts... Corbeau seats, Aluminum faced gauges as the factory cluster gave out 2 months ago, new exhaust tips... Love the sound from the FRPP headers, cat delete kit, and Flowmaster mufflers however these wimpy 2.5" tips gotta go in favor of some beefier 3.5" Rolled Magnaflow tips. Aside from paint that is all that is in the works for now I will keep everyone posted... Gonna clean her up and throw up some pics.



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