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mustang coupe
This is my 1969 mustang coupe, I am the 2nd owner this car has been in the family since the late 70's. My dad originally bought the car from his best friend for $300 bucks was restored...when i got my license this was my first car! but at the time the car was starting to rust and parts were worn so i decided to restore it with new parts. Little by little the car transformed into a beauty.

but this past year, the car was hit by a taxi driver was repaired but the painter decided to not blend the color of the car correctly and i had two different colors of silver :(. later i bought a 331 stroker from a "known builder" (yeah right) but the motor was faulty it wouldn't start and was pumping radiator fluid into the oil pan and heads I sent it back along with BAR to pay a visit (he had no license) which he was fined aswell he crooked alot of other costumers...currently i will go to small claims to get my money back.

as of right now my baby is motorless and the paint job is trashed so again i am saving up money to restore this beauty and have her back on the road where she belongs.

futures plans:

boss 302 crate motor


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