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Mustang GT
I bought her in 2003 while I was deployed to Afghan the first time, she was born 12 Dec 2003 and came home in Feb of 2004. Since i wasnt home I called home to hear my baby purr... When I finally returned home through speeding and other offences I racked my Insurance to about 5Grand a year, so on my 2nd tour I did a Volunteer Repo. A few months ago I was doing a search for Mustangs online, and there she was same car, came VIN (and a couple extra miles), for sale. I bought her again this past November, and its been amazing driving my baby again!

Mods: K&N CAI, Spec Stage 1 Clutch, Spec Alum Flywheel, Steeda Clutch Adjust Kit, Insane Driver Mod with Adrenaline Junkie Adapter.



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