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General Information

Mustang GT
Bought this car in may of 2011. When I bought it, it was supposed to be a Roush clone. It had a Roush stage 3 front, Roush wing, Roush short throw shifter, and Roush badges all over, that was it. It was in really good shape though, thought it was beyond dumb having all the Roush badges and not really anything Roush about it. So I bought it, it had 82k miles on it. I quickly replaced the Roush badges but left all the parts on.

Early this year I nailed a deer. Ruined the bumper, left fender, hood, numerous little brackets, headlight. Around $3500 in damage. Took it to the body shop, had the insurance fix it, and she was good to go again. About a month after that, another deer.... missed this one though, just got off the road a little and stuck it in a nice pot hole, front end has been lowered quite a bit, the bumper caught the edge and ripped it's self off. It has since been replaced with an 03/04 Cobra bumper. It's got all sorts of little issues, nothing major, just little annoyances. Headers leak, there's a grinding noise up front, k member is held on by 7 bolts instead of 8, otherwise, looks great, runs decent, just little problems, all that make noise for everyone else to hear.

I hope to some day get the car on a track, I want to get to a road course, I live about an hour from Mid America, driven past it a couple times, but never been to it. I've always loved ALMS, 24 Hours of Le Mans, GT1, the racing where you go around corners. I would like to experience that. I'm sure I will never be a driver, but I am currently pursuing a career in automotive technology, and plan to specialize in the development and building of high performance engines. I'm working on it.

The car.
2001 Mustang GT, 4.6l 2v, Tremec TR3650, Mineral Grey, Mach 460 sound system, charcoal interior

So whats been done to the car.
03/04 Cobra front bumper, 03 chrome 18x9 Cobra wheels up front, 18x10's in the back, "Powered by Ford" fender badges, Roush 4 post wing, Koni STR-T shocks, H&R race springs, Performance Friction rotors and pads, Nitto NT555's, JLT CAI, C&L plenum, Ford Racing 75mm TB, Flowtech long tube headers, flowtech o/r x pipe, SLP Loudmouth Resonators welded into Flowmaster pipes, Roush short throw shifter, Roush shifter handle and knob, Recaro knock off seats.

I would like to focus on getting things fixed so I can get the car on a track sometime, tie rods, ball joints, exhaust, mysterious grinding noise. Then I would like to start focusing on suspension, brakes, and building the engine up a little. I want to stay naturally aspirated, run a higher compression, forged internals, ported heads, sheet metal intake. I'd like to get into a 350-380 hp range, staying naturally aspirated and get the engine to where it can handle it's power easily, that way it's less of a worry when running around a track.

Anyway, it's my baby, I try to take care of it, kind of low on money at the moment, but it's always top on my list. One of these days it may be a full on race car, who knows.



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