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General Information

Mustang LX, Convertible
1993 Ford Mustang LX Convertible, Triple Black
Block: 302
Bored .030 over
Zero decked
Balance crankshaft
Magnafluxed and cleaned
Sealed Power freeze plugs
Heads: Trick Flow Twisted Wedge (TFS-51400002)
Originally: 1.47” valve spring
61cc combustion chamber
170cc intake & 66cc exhaust runners
2.02 intake & 1.60 exhaust valve
.540” max lift
After head work: Done by Anderson Ford
Milled .015” changed combustion chamber to 58cc
Full competition valve job
-Anderson Ford Hi-Rev valve springs (AF- HR-15018)
1.47” diameter
1.800” install height
150 on seat
4.25 open
Stage 3 port and polished by Anderson Ford
Head studs: 12 point, 7/16“ (ARP-154-4201)
Rocker arm studs: ARP 7/16”
Rockers: Trick flow roller rockers 7/16” 1.6 ratio (TFS-514005)
Push rods: Trick flow hardened 6.7” .080” (TFS-21406700)
Lifters: Trick flow OEM roller lifters (TFS-21400004)
Pistons: D.S.S Inc. 302 1.600/4.030/.912/-13cc low compression Pro series, double fly cut, floating pins (3010F-30)
Rings: Moly rings 5/64”- 3/16”- 4.030” bore (E-251K-30)
Camshaft: Trick flow stage 2 (TFS-51402001)
Duration @ .050” Int. 221* Exh. 225*
Lift Int. .499” Exh. .510”
Bearings: Clevite 77
*Prior owner of the heads used a Anderson ford cam (N-51HR)
Timing chain: Trick flow double roller (TFS-51478520)
Timing chain cover: Stock Ford
Water pump: Stock Ford
Crankshaft and rods: Reconditioned, stock stroke (CRI 15850)
Crankshaft and rod bearings: Clevite 77
Harmonic balancer: Pioneer 50 oz (PIO-872030)
Flywheel: Ram 157 tooth, 50 oz (RAM-1525)
Oil Pump & shaft: (MEL-M68,MEL-IS-68)
Head gasket: 4.10” bore, .039” compressed (FPP1011-2)

EFI Intake: Trick flow Track Heat upper and lower (TFS-51500002)
Trick flow 1” heat spacer (TFS-51520008)
Mass air meter: Ford 80mm calibrated for 24# injectors (OBDII)
*Connector for 1993 OBDI to OBDII
Air Induction : C&L 76mm MAF
Injectors: Ford Motorsport 24# (FMS-M-9593-A302)
Fuel rail and fuel pump: stock for 1993 LX
Fuel pressure regulator: Accufab afpr (#FREG)
*Marshall liquid filled fuel pressure gauge 100 psi
Throttle body: BBK/Edelbrock 70mm (BBK-1501)
EGR spacer: BBK 70mm (BBK-1502)
Pulleys: BBK billet steel under drive (BBK-1553)
Valve covers: Trick flow chrome
Valve cover studs: Standard hex 14“ (TFS-25200801)
Oil pan: Ford motorsports chrome
Headers: BBK 1 5/8” long tube (BBK-1516)
H-pipe: BBK (1510)
A/C delete: Ford motorsport (FMS-M-8511-A50)
Clutch: Ford Racing “King Cobra” kit (FMS-M-7560-C302N)
Rear end gear: Ford Racing Performance parts 3.55 (LRS-4209FRA-K)
Rear control arms: UPR chrome moly uppers and lowers with urethane bushings (# 2002-09)
Rear shocks: Tokico Illumina 5 way adjustable (TOK-BE3608)
Front struts: Tokico Illumina 5 way adjustable (TOK-BB3026)
Shifter: Steeda Tri-ax short shifter (ST-5557351)
Subframe connectors: Steeda full length with torque box reinforcement (ST-5555245)
Taurus fan electric fan with DC controler
TFS differential cover
MSD coil
Energy Suspension end links
Energy Suspension sway arm busings


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